Concrete Sleepers Melbourne for Retaining Walls

We offer the widest range of retaining wall concrete sleepers in Melbourne and across Australia of various sizes and styles. Plus, with our competitive prices and fast shipping, getting the concrete sleepers you need has never been easier. We have 40MPa range, 50MPa, 60MPa concrete strength, STD Premium Sleepers and concrete under fence plinths.

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Range of concrete sleepers
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  • -4%Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -2%Manhattan Stackstone Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -5%Raven Concrete Sleepers - 50MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -6%Slate Concrete Sleepers - 50MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -4%Stackstone Sleepers - 50MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers

Showing 13–17 of 17 results

Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers

We offer the cheapest, high-quality retaining wall concrete sleepers in Melbourne with a range of sizes, styles and finishes, including woodgrain, stackstone, and smooth sleepers for any retaining wall project.

Our products are engineer certified and not susceptible to rotting, twisting, shrinking, termites, and ants.

Delivery throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria and pick up available. Browse our full range today and take the first step towards creating your ideal outdoor space.

Do We Offer Retaining Wall Installation Services?

In addition to our range of concrete sleepers, we also provide professional installation services for concrete retaining walls in Melbourne. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your retaining wall is built to the highest standards, with a focus on safety and durability. We will also handle all necessary permits and approvals, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Whether you need a retaining wall for your garden, driveway, or other outdoor area, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Aside from Melbourne Victoria, our products are also available in various areas including Brisbane and Sydney.

Why Choose Us For Your Retaining Wall Project?

Choose Retaining Wall Supplies for your concrete sleeper needs and enjoy these benefits:

  • High-quality concrete sleepers with a strength of 40 MPa, in compliance with AS3600/2009 standards
  • Durable sleepers reinforced with 2x N10 (or N12 in some cases) reinforcement bars, certified by ACRS
  • Engineer-certified and designed products
  • Australian-made concrete sleepers, produced by a family-owned business
  • Convenient retaining wall pickup and delivery throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas

Make the smart choice and invest in the best sleeper wall retaining systems from Retaining Wall Supplies today!

Please note that for our standard concrete sleepers that are 75mm or 80mm thick, we recommend using the 100UC steel posts, 200PFC steel posts, and 150UC steel posts for the heavy duty concrete sleepers that are 100mm thick.

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Types of Concrete Sleepers

Garden Beds

Timber look concrete sleepers with embedded wood grains are ideal for raised concrete sleeper garden beds and garden edges. Charcoal concrete sleeper retaining walls are the most popular colour with concrete railway sleepers. For long walls, 2.4m concrete sleepers are the most cost-effective.

Street Appeal

Stackstone concrete sleepers complement modern homes and offer street appeal with sleeper retaining wall steel posts painted black. The alternative to the Kensington sleepers is the charcoal Manhattan rockface.

Charcoal concrete sleepers are available in two different shades. Slates is your common charcoal with most manufacturers. If wanting a deep darker charcoal concrete sleeper is your best choice and is only offered by this manufacturer. A perfect DIY concrete sleeper to create a stylish modern look.

Concrete sleeper lengths at 1500mm in Natural and charcoal concrete sleeper Slate as a special order. A perfect solution for replacing existing timber retaining walls that have set galvanized steel posts at 1500mm apart with an inner dimension of 87mm for 80mm thick concrete sleepers to fit.

Other Retaining Wall Supplies

At Retaining Wall Supplies, we offer a variety of products to help you complete your retaining wall project. Check out our range of:

Whether you’re building a small garden bed or a large retaining wall, we have everything you need to get the job done. Contact us today for more information or to place an order.

Contact us for a free consultation and quote today! Click here or give us a call at 0485 856 986.