Retaining Wall Steel Posts

Buy Retaining Wall Steel Posts from Retaining Wall Supplies (welded and not welded).

We offer galvanised steel posts for retaining walls in multiple lengths, ranging from 900mm to 3000mm. Our standard steel posts (100UC) are suitable for 75-80mm concrete sleepers whilst the heavy duty steel posts (150UC) are required for 100mm thick sleepers. We also have 150UC 30, 150UC23, 150UC 37.2, and 200UC 46 steel posts available, call for price.

Steel posts can be picked up from one of our Melbourne warehouses or delivered with your sleepers. Additional custom cutting to size services are also available.

We have H Beams, C Channels, 45 & 90 Degree Corner Steel Posts and Fence Brackets.

Browse our full range of steel posts today and find the perfect solution for your retaining wall project. Or call us at 0485 856 986.

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  • 200 Premium Strength Series

    200 Premium Strength Series (2)

  • 100 Standard Steel Series

    100 Standard Steel Series (4)

  • 150 Heavy Duty Steel Series

    150 Heavy Duty Steel Series (6)

  • Fence Brackets

    Fence Brackets (3)

  • 100 UC 14.8 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 100 PFC Galvanised Steel C Channel (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 90 Corner Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 45 Corner Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 150 UC 23.4 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 PFC Galvanised Steel C Channel (Fits 100mm)
  • 90 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 45 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam
  • -10%200 UC 46

Showing 1–12 of 15 results

Retaining Wall Supplies Steel Posts in Melbourne

We offer the best quality retaining wall supplies steel posts in Melbourne with a range of sizes and finishes, including galvanized and powder-coated options. Our products are engineer certified and designed for maximum stability and durability, making them the perfect choice for any retaining wall project.

Retaining Wall Steel Posts C-Channel H-Beams 45 and 90 Degree

Galvanised steel retaining wall posts or also known as sleeper joiners can be picked up from Hallam 3803 Vic if not wanting to be delivered with sleepers. Steel sleeper posts can be cut to size at an additional cost. Hole depths should be determined prior to purchase steel posts for retaining walls and RWS advises that you should check with your local council or design engineers before commencing work. Retaining wall posts are only available in galvanised and lengths start at 900mm to 3000mm for 75-80mm thick concrete sleepers. For 100mm thick concrete sleepers, 150 H posts retaining wall is required.

High-Quality Steel Posts for Retaining Walls

Our steel posts are designed to meet all your retaining wall needs to match a variety of concrete sleepers. They are:

  • Engineer certified
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your project

Retaining Wall Supplies Steel Posts Delivery and Pick-Up

We provide delivery throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, and pick-up is also available. Browse our full range today and take the first step towards creating your ideal outdoor space.

Campbellfield 3061, Bayswater 3153, Hallam 3803, Cranbourne West 3977

*Get Steel & Sleepers On The One Delivery To Save.*

*100 PFC & 150 PFC Lengths*

Installation Services for Retaining Wall Supplies Steel Posts

In addition to our range of retaining wall supplies steel posts, we also provide professional installation services in Melbourne. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your retaining wall is built to the highest standards, with a focus on safety and durability. We will also handle all necessary permits and approvals, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Why Choose Retaining Wall Supplies Galvanised Steel Posts

Choose Retaining Wall Supplies for your steel post needs and enjoy these benefits:

Important Retaining Wall Post Information for Your Construction Job

When planning your retaining wall project, it’s crucial to have accurate information about the posts to ensure a safe and durable structure. Our retaining wall posts serve the primary purpose of providing support and stability to the wall. The maximum height, length, and width of our retaining wall posts are 3000mm, 150mm, and 100mm, respectively. On the other hand, the minimum height, length, and width are 900mm, 75mm, and 80mm, respectively. The maximum weight that our posts can support depends on the material and dimensions, so it’s best to consult our professionals for specific information. Our retaining wall posts are easy to install, and our experienced contractors are available to assist you in the process.

Installation Guidelines and Maintenance for Retaining Wall Posts

Proper installation of retaining wall posts is essential for the structure’s longevity and performance. The depth at which the posts need to be buried, the base width, and the spacing between the posts should all be determined by a professional contractor or engineer to ensure optimal results. To maintain the integrity of your retaining wall, regular inspections, repair, and maintenance should be performed by experienced professionals. Our team of experts can help you with these tasks and ensure your retaining wall remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Choosing the Right Material and Dimensions for Your Retaining Wall Posts

The choice of material and dimensions for your retaining wall posts significantly impacts the structure’s strength, durability, and lifespan. Galvanized steel is an ideal material for retaining wall posts due to its excellent corrosion resistance and strength. Our engineer-certified steel posts are made from high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting performance. The dimensions of the posts are crucial to support the weight and height of your retaining wall. Consult our professionals for guidance on selecting the appropriate dimensions and materials to suit your project requirements and ensure a successful, long-lasting retaining wall.

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