We offer high-quality steel fencing brackets and under concrete fence plinths to enhance the stability and durability of your fencing system. Whether you’re looking for a bracket, cleat, or fin, our products are designed to meet the highest standards and provide the support your fencing needs.

Browse our full range today and find the perfect solution for your fencing project. Or call us at 0485 856 986.

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Fencing Supplies


Our fencing brackets are made with high-quality steel, providing strength and durability to your fencing setup. Choose from our Bracket, Cleat, and Fin options to best fit your fencing needs.

Under Concrete Fence Plinths

We also offer Concrete Under Fence Plinths 50mm, providing a solid foundation for your fencing. These plinths help to prevent fence sag and ensure your fencing remains sturdy for years to come.

All of our fencing products are available for pickup and delivery throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free quote and let us help you find the perfect solution for your retaining wall in Melbourne! Aside from fencing materials and concrete sleepers, Retaining Wall Supplies also offers various steel posts options, including the 100 Standard Steel Series, the 200 Premium Strength steel, and the 150 Heavy Duty steel series, which includes the 150UC37 among many others in other VIC, NSW, and Queensland areas like Sydney and Brisbane.