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Melbourne's top-rated engineer certified Concrete Sleepers. Unbeatable prices on premium retaining wall supplies, including sleepers, steel, and under fence plinths.

Best price guarantee on our 5-star concrete sleepers and retaining wall steel posts with fast shipping. Pickup from our Melbourne warehouse or delivery across Australia.

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Concrete SleepersWe offer concrete sleepers in different sizes, designs, and colours. Shop Concrete Sleepers
h beam steel post
Steel Posts & BracketsWe have galvanised steel posts and fence brackets available in stock.Shop Steel Posts
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Under-Fence PlinthsUnder-fence plinths available for your retaining wall.Shop Under Fence Plinths

Our Melbourne Concrete Sleepers Range

Get Melbourne’s top concrete sleepers for retaining walls, in 40MPA, 50MPA, 60MPA, various colours, styles, and sizes. Engineered for durability and Victoria’s weather. Enjoy bulk discounts, trade prices, and quick delivery. Note: Use 100UC steel posts for standard 75mm/80mm sleepers and 150UC for 100mm heavy-duty sleepers.

  • -91%Lonsdale STD Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -8%Blackwood STD Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -9%Ashwood Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -5%Kensington Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -8%Mclaren Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -9%Hampton Concrete Sleepers - Premium Range 75-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -6%Marina Smooth Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -3%Natural Concrete Sleepers - 50MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -4%Arizona Block-Face Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
  • -4%Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers

Purchase Melbourne’s retaining wall posts for robust walls. Select from 100 Standard or 150 Heavy Duty steel in UC H Beam, 150PFC C Channel, and corner/T Junction styles (900mm to 6000mm lengths). Options include 150 UC30, 150UC 37.2, 200UC46 (call for pricing). Custom cuts available. Add heavy-duty fence brackets for 100 & 150 posts.

  • 100 UC 14.8 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 100 PFC Galvanised Steel C Channel (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 90 Corner Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 45 Corner Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 75-80mm)
  • 150 UC 23.4 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 PFC Galvanised Steel C Channel (Fits 100mm)
  • 90 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 45 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam
  • -10%200 UC 46

We have heavy-duty fence brackets for 100 & 150 steel posts, available separately or welded to posts. We offer a 48-hour turnaround time for welding on standard length. Available with bracket, cleat and fin options. We also have 50mm concrete under fence plinths for added stability and privacy. 

  • -6%Blackwood Concrete Under Fence Plinths 50mm - Concrete Under fence Plinths
  • -6%Blackwood Concrete Under Fence Plinths 50mm - Concrete Under fence Plinths
  • Fin
  • Cleat
  • Bracket

Explore our treated pine timber sleepers, ideal for landscaping. Available in various sizes (75mm, 100mm), kiln-dried for durability with a rustic look, they enhance gardens and retaining walls.

  • Treated Pine Timber Sleepers HCA
  • Treated Pine Timber Sleepers HCA

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Why choose Retaining Wall Supplies?

At Retaining Wall Supplies in Melbourne, we specialise in top-quality, cost-effective concrete sleepers for retaining walls. Our streamlined operations ensure affordable prices, quick delivery, and superior customer service. We offer a diverse selection of styles, such as charcoal and timber-look concrete sleepers, all reinforced with steel for greater durability than timber – they won’t rot, split, or crack.

Additionally, we supply galvanised steel wall posts and can recommend professional installers. Use our retaining wall calculator to easily determine your project needs and shop directly with us for the best deals. Our secure online payment processing via Stripe accepts various methods including credit/debit cards and PayPal, ensuring a safe transaction. We also offer a non-committal purchase order option, with our team contacting you for confirmation before processing your order.

 We deliver across Australia with pickup available in Dandenong South and other Melbourne locations, including Bayswater and Campbellfield warehouses. Beyond Melbourne, we can also supply retaining wall steel posts and concrete sleepers to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, and Sunshine Coast areas.

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Nat John


Such a great service. Peter even picked up an oversight on my behalf of weight of longer lengths and helped in redesign retaining wall…
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Ollie Gibs​


Peter was very helpful through the process including when we had to change the layout slightly and get a couple of new posts at …
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Nik Kay


Absolutely amazing. I called up on a public holiday and Peter was able to help me. Friendly service, great prices and he delivered …
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Looking for Engineer-Certified Concrete Sleepers for Your Project?

At Retaining Wall Supplies, all our concrete sleepers are engineered and certified to build retaining walls up to 4.5m high. 

  • 40MPa and 50MPa Concrete strength (complies with AS3600 / 2009).
  • 2 x N10 (N12 on some products) Reinforcement Bars (ACRS Compliant).
  • Engineer certified and designed in Melbourne and Victoria.
  • Australian-made and owned.
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Concrete Sleeper Moulds
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Retaining Wall Solutions for DIYers, Trades, and Professional Installers

Find top-grade concrete sleepers and steel posts for any retaining wall project in Melbourne. Ideal for DIYers, trades, and professionals, our range ensures durability and ease of installation.

DIY enthusiasts will appreciate our user-friendly products and guidance. Trade professionals can rely on the quality and strength of our materials for lasting results. For those seeking professional installation, we connect you with skilled Melbourne contractors.

For all your retaining wall needs, choose our reliable and efficient solutions

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About Us

As a leading Melbourne supplier of concrete sleepers (ABN: 59 606 420 263), we’re renowned among trades and DIY enthusiasts for quality concrete sleepers and steel posts. Our expertise in high-volume production and supply meets AS3600 standards, offering a variety of sizes and colours from local manufacturers.

We excel in handling smaller or large-scale projects, ensuring efficient, damage-free delivery across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our experienced team is committed to providing exceptional service and quality for all your retaining wall requirements.

Contact us today for the best concrete sleepers in Melbourne!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about your retaining wall project or order? We've got you covered.

We take pride in providing high-quality concrete sleepers in convenient, efficient pack sizes. To ensure the best value for our customers, our minimum order requirement is 10 standard concrete sleepers or 8 heavy-duty sleepers. Although it is not required, we also encourage our customers to make their retaining wall steel post purchase together with their concrete sleepers. We have various steel posts available, including the 150uc 23, 200uc 46, 100 standard steel series, and more.

At Retaining Wall Supplies, we believe that our customers deserve the best value for their investment. That’s why we’ve worked hard to negotiate unbeatable prices for our customers in Melbourne, Victoria.

With our best price guarantee, you can be certain that you’re getting the best available price on your retaining wall supplies! No matter the size of your order, you can count on us to deliver top-quality sleepers at a price that’s fair and affordable.

We’re thrilled to offer multiple convenient options for you to receive your concrete sleepers and steel posts near you. You can either choose to pick up from the manufacturer we placed your order with, or take advantage of our delivery services. Our two pick-up locations are:

11 Kitchen Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175
72 Officer South Rd, Officer VIC 3809
If you prefer delivery, we also have steel warehouses in:

Campbellfield 3061
Bayswater 3153
Hallam 3803
Cranbourne West 3977
Either way, you can expect the same high-quality products and friendly service.

We’re pleased to offer flexible and reliable delivery options to our customers in Melbourne and the surrounding regions. With a network of transport solutions at our disposal, we’re equipped to accommodate orders of any size and ensure prompt and efficient delivery to your doorstep. Whether you’re ordering a few sleepers or a large bulk shipment, you can count on us to handle your delivery needs with care and professionalism.

Certain sleepers are engineered to achieve a retaining wall height of up to 4.5m.

Yes, all our sleepers can be cut to size with a concrete saw.

We specialize in supplying high-quality concrete sleepers & steel for retaining wall construction for landscaping, fences and walls. Let us assist you by recommending experienced installers in your Melbourne for the best results.

Typically, walls under 1 metre in height don’t require engineering and council approval. Please refer to your local council for exact requirements.

If you cancel your order before RWS has paid the manufacturer and the transport company, we can arrange a full refund minus any credit card fees via a bank transfer within 5 business days

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality concrete products and steel. To ensure their safe transport and handling, we work closely with our manufacturers to follow strict standards. While this means we are unable to offer refunds, it also guarantees that you receive top-notch materials every time.

While DIY installation is possible for smaller projects, Retaining Wall Supplies recommends professional installation for larger or more complex retaining walls to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

More questions about Concrete Sleepers...

A retaining wall concrete sleeper is a precast concrete block that is used to support and retain soil. Due to their durability and strength, they’re ideal for retaining walls. They’re also resistant to water, corrosion, and UV rays, which is why they’re so popular for retaining walls.

We boast a diverse range of concrete sleepers, including different sizes, strengths (such as 40MPA, 50MPA, 60MPA), and colours, suitable for various landscaping projects.

Woodgrain Concrete Sleeper – This type of sleeper is cost-effective and made out of timber. They also have the same level of durability as concrete sleepers whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing design.

Smooth Face Concrete Sleepers – This is a stylish option that’s often used in residential and commercial projects. These sleepers are particularly robust, having great resistance against harsh weather conditions, rot, and general deterioration.

Stacked Stone concrete sleepers – Also referred to as the rock face concrete sleeper, they have no shortage of demand. Regardless of their color, they have a pleasing textured appearance that results in a sleek finish. This sleeper type is also low-maintenance, long-lasting, and resistant to decay.

Retaining Wall Supplies is your one-stop shop for the best concrete sleepers & steel posts in Melbourne and the rest of Australia. We offer contemporary and classic designs for your retaining walls, all at competitive prices.

We are a reputable supplier, offering high-quality concrete sleepers with a focus on customer satisfaction and compliance with Australian standards.

We provide concrete sleepers in a wide range of colors. Charcoal and jasper colors offer a stylish and modern look, while natural and light gray concrete sleepers are more subtle.

Concrete sleepers are commonly used for exterior projects, such as:

  • Retaining wall construction
  • Steps or walkways
  • Feature Walls up to three meters high
  • Barrier walls for blocking wind and noise
  • Structural support for sandpits, decking, or raised garden beds
  • Edges for gardens, paths, and driveways

Concrete sleepers that are used to construct retaining walls generally last 15 to 20 years. These have one of the lengthy life spans of any retaining wall materials available on the market.

As long as you’re properly maintaining your sleepers, they should last the full 20 years.

Due to concrete sleepers being made out of reinforced concrete, they’re heavier, stronger, and require less maintenance than wooden sleepers. They also won’t warp or rot like wood and are even more environmentally friendly. As wooden sleepers are submerged in creosote which contains toxic chemicals, opting for concrete sleepers is a safer and more sustainable choice.

Concrete sleepers offer durability, low maintenance, and resistance to pests and weather, making them an excellent choice for long-lasting retaining walls.

At Retaining Wall Supplies (RWS), we provide competitively priced concrete sleepers, with costs varying depending on size, type, and quantity. Contact us for detailed pricing information.

They are commonly used for retaining walls, garden beds, and landscaping features, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

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