150 Heavy Duty Steel Series

The 150 Heavy Duty Series, which includes the 150PFC, the 150UC37, the 150UC23, the 150UC30, and more, is a top-of-the-line solution for those in need of sturdy and durable steel posts. These posts are engineered to meet the highest standards and are suitable for various construction projects, from large retaining walls to commercial structures. With a size of 150mm, they provide the stability and strength required for even the most demanding applications.

The 150 heavy duty steel posts series are required for the 100mm thick concrete sleepers.

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  • 150 UC 23.4 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 PFC Galvanised Steel C Channel (Fits 100mm)
  • 90 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 45 Corner 150 PFC Galvanised Steel Corner Joiner Post (Fits 100mm)
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam
  • 150 UC 30 Steel H-Beam

Showing all 6 results

150 Heavy Duty Series in Melbourne

Looking for a high-quality solution for your retaining wall needs? Look no further than the 150 Heavy Duty Series from Retaining Wall Supplies. Our 150mm retaining wall sleepers are made from the strongest materials, ensuring their longevity and stability. This size is perfect for those looking to construct a larger retaining wall, with the added assurance of a sturdy and long-lasting structure.

Installation Services for 150 Heavy Duty Series in Melbourne

At Retaining Wall Supplies, we understand that installing a retaining wall can be a challenging task. That’s why we offer professional installation services to help bring your outdoor vision to life. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that the installation of your retaining wall is completed quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standard. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you.

High Quality Sleeper Wall Retaining Systems from Retaining Wall Supplies

When you choose Retaining Wall Supplies for your retaining wall needs, you’re making a wise investment. Our 150 Heavy Duty Series sleepers are designed and certified by engineers to meet strict standards, ensuring their long-lasting strength and stability. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products made from premium materials, produced by a family-owned business right here in Australia. Browse our full range today and discover the Retaining Wall Supplies difference.