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Retaining Wall Blocks, Bricks & Pavers

Looking to massively upgrade your outdoor space by enhancing its functionality and style? Then our retaining wall blocks, bricks, and pavers are the answer! Whether it's your garden, driveway, or walkway, our retaining wall products will add a decorative and structural touch that's second to none!

RWS offers retaining wall blocks, bricks, and pavers of all sizes, textures and colours. We want your retaining wall design to be a standout feature, rather than a mere functional element. Therefore, we offer retaining wall materials that range from classic earthy tones to bold and daring colours, letting you find the perfect match for your landscape.

Explore our wide selection today from the RWS store! Our competitive prices for all retaining wall pavers, blocks, and bricks will help you maximise your landscape.

What are Retaining Wall Blocks?

Retaining wall blocks are the primary components of retaining wall structures. They are the building blocks for all your retaining wall designs, coming in different materials to suit your practical and aesthetic needs.

Retaining wall blocks, bricks, and pavers are all in demand due to their strength and durability. These materials are built for the outdoors, withstanding harsh weather conditions and wear and tear for many years. Most importantly, they’re able to withstand all soil and water pressure behind your wall, helping you stay safe and secure.

If blocks simply aren’t your style, RWS has a great collection of bricks and pavers to select from for installation. These materials can add extra character to your retaining wall, helping distinguish your landscape from everyone else in the neighbourhood. 

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Benefits of Retaining Wall Blocks, Bricks and Pavers

Not sure what all the hype is about with retaining wall materials? Let’s break down the key benefits of retaining wall blocks, bricks and pavers: 

Structurally stable – Can stop earth from your land going downhill due to erosion. It will effortlessly battle gravity and keep your landscape’s soil and water in one place.

Adds functionality – Increases functional space to your backyard which can be used to plant flowers, place stones or a section for a fire pit. They also can better display and showcase your landscape’s features, i.e your patio.

Aesthetic value – Hills and mounds are beautiful, but retaining wall pavers, bricks and blocks add a whole new dimension to your outdoor area’s design. It adds contrast to your landscape and an extra touch of beauty. 

Strong and durable – In addition to holding your earth in place, they’re also resistant to corrosion and weathering. Expect your retaining walls to last 15-20 years.

Minimal upkeep – Once they’re installed, you can relax knowing that your retaining walls need little maintenance. Just ensure to clean them once in a while with a garden hose, and you’re good to go!

Levels sloped yards – Can be installed to level a sloped yard or lawn, making them safer and more pleasing to the eye.

Not looking to DIY your Retaining Wall Project? Then let Our Installers Step In!

Every wall block, brick and paver from RWS needs to be set in place properly for it to perform optimally. If you’re tempted to do it yourself but don’t understand the process, let our installers help.

RWS will come to your property and build your retaining wall system to perfection. We’ll assess every retaining wall material, ensuring your wall’s footing is leveled and height is appropriate. By the time our service experts have cleaned up and left, you’ll have a secure and sturdy structure  that’ll last for years to come.

Looking for concrete sleepers in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney? RWS may just have what you need, and more. Check out our shop today. 


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