Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers - 40MPA Range 80-120mm Concrete Sleepers
Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers
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Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers

$48.86$61.89 + GST


The Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers are the perfect solution for your retaining wall needs. With a textured deep woodgrain look, these sleepers are available in charcoal or jasper. They have a compressive strength of 40 MPa and come with 2-N12 steel bars.


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Looking for a cost-efficient retaining wall solution with a natural look? Look no further than the Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers! These sleepers are designed to give a similar look and feel to traditional timber sleepers, but with all the benefits of concrete.

Made of concrete and steel, these sleepers are designed to last and are resistant to termite and ant rot. They come in either charcoal or jasper, providing a timeless look to your landscape. Custom sandstone colour is available for special orders.

The Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including traditional retaining walls, sleeper garden beds, and even concrete sleeper stairs. They require little to no maintenance and can tolerate all types of landscapes.

Available in various sizes ranging from 1800x200x80 to 2400x200x100, these sleepers can support a maximum retained height of 3600mm with the correct sleeper selection. With 40 MPa compressive strength, you can be confident that these sleepers will provide a solid foundation for your retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Supplies accept card payments over the phone or through the online checkout and also accept purchase orders. Order your Malibu Woodgrain Concrete Sleepers today and enjoy a timeless, low-maintenance retaining wall solution!

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1800x200x100, 1800x200x80, 2000x200x100, 2000x200x80, 2400x200x100, 2400x200x80

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