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How Much Does A Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost?

A concrete sleeper retaining wall does wonders for your landscape. They create functional spaces for delightful gardens, terraces and other outdoor features while providing extra stability for any lateral earth pressure.

Regardless of your reasons for getting a wall installed, strength and durability is a must. With concrete, you’re investing in a long-term solution that won’t wilt or fall under pressure. 

But how much does a concrete sleeper retaining wall cost? 

Well, that’s where the experts at RWS can chime in. We’ll go into the factors that affect pricing for a concrete sleeper retaining wall.

How much does a concrete sleeper retaining wall cost?

retaining walls curved design

If we’re strictly talking material and labour costs, you can calculate the estimated cost of a concrete sleeper retaining wall by square metre:

Reinforced concrete blocks – $450 to $700 per m2.

Concrete Besser blocks – $550 to $750 per m2.

However, there are a whole host of factors to consider when assessing the cost of a concrete sleeper retaining wall. Some of these include:

Ground conditions – is your soil hard or hard? Will it require specialised excavation to prepare the ground for your wall?

Size – Taller walls will need extra durability to ensure they’re structurally sound. As such, concrete sleepers will have to be thicker and stronger.

Drainage –  If your wall is 4 feet in height or taller, you may need a drainage pipe. This will add to your project cost.

Job complexity – Does your wall incorporate steps, curves or any other special features? Complex designs require elaborate designs and more time to install.

Engineering and council costs – Do you need to submit plans for approval? You may also need a structural engineer to sign off on the plans.

First things First – Check If You Need a Retaining Wall Permit

color block fencing

Looking to go conch blanche on your concrete retaining wall project? Make sure to check with your local council first.

Below are two indicators that you’ll need a permit:

  • Your wall’s height exceeds more than one metre.
  • Your wall is being constructed near a property boundary that risks damaging your neighbour’s home.

Retaining wall installations, like fences, should also be done with your neighbour’s approval. It does affect them if it’s being constructed near or on the boundary line, so ensure you’re both on the same page. Disputes will only cause delays and even legal action.

Why Choose Concrete?

amazon slate concrete sleepers

Retaining walls can be incorporated for several reasons. Your landscape may have sloped terrain or an area prone to flooding or erosion. Or you may be looking to add a wall for aesthetic purposes.

Our concrete sleepers in Melbourne are ideal because they’re engineered for maximum strength and stability. They also require less space compared to moss rock walls and block walls and come in various textures and colours. For example, if you love rustic wooden walls but need added reinforcement, a concrete wall with a timber-look finish fits the bill.

Overall, concrete sleepers offer the best of both worlds: an attractive finish with a high level of support.

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Hiring Qualified Builders to Install Your Wall

building a retaining wall

A lot of concrete retaining wall products today are modular, meaning they can be slotted together with ease. As such, many DIYers are perfectly capable of installing a wall themselves. However, some states and territories require a licensed contractor to complete the job.

When finding a retaining wall builder, ensure to follow your due diligence:

  • Check their portfolio and assess what they’ve done for previous clients.
  • Confirm their relevant licensing, qualifications and insurance cover.
  • Compare at least three quotes from different builders.
  • Ensure your estimate includes an itemised list of labour and material costs.

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At RWS, our partnered installers are fully qualified and certified to construct, and install concrete sleeper retaining walls. We offer professional advice, anywhere from landscaping design to engineering and council approval. Our services are available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

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