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How to Weld a Colorbond Fence on Top of a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall

Retaining walls, by purpose, are meant to hold back eroding soil, and therefore must be very strong. However, many homeowners choose to install a colorbond fence on top of a concrete sleeper retaining wall. So why go to the trouble?

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There are various reasons to install a retaining wall fence, whether it’d be to increase safety, security or aesthetical appeal. If your retaining wall looks old and dated, a colorbond fence can add a modern flair.

The process of attaching or welding a colorbond fence onto a concrete sleeper retaining wall can be a tricky one, however it’s straightforward once you know what to do:

Step One – Weld Your Brackets Onto Your Steel Beams

Begin by welding on or attaching a steel bracket to your steel beams. These steel plates typically used are 50mm wide and 800mm in length, although they can be longer or shorter depending on the height of your retaining wall. You can use a welding machine to fuse the two metals.

Having a landfill directly behind your wall makes the installation easier, as you won’t require a ladder to reach the top. If a landfill isn’t available, you can use a ladder to carefully reach the top of your wall before welding on the bracket.

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Step Two – Attach Your Colorbond Panel Fence


Slide your Colorbond Panel on top of the bracket and drill series 500 screws into the bracket. Due to the high tensile strength of screws, your flat bar doesn’t need to be pre-drilled beforehand – they will drill straight through your 5mm steel. Ensure the panel is level using a spirit level and repeat this process for each panel.

You can then attach your colorbond fence as standard via DIY or hiring a professional installer. 

Why Install a Fence for Your Retaining Wall?

retaining wall with fence

A retaining wall, by itself, can be a marvellous addition to your property. Here’s how you can build one yourself. They create usable, functional space for your backyard, and hold back eroding soil for decades. However, if your retaining wall is in a common area where people and pets walk past, an installed fence prevents falls and other accidents.

Below are the primary reasons why you should consider a fence for your retaining wall:

Safety – A fence will keep people and pets at bay, preventing children and pets from tumbling over the wall. If your retaining wall is relatively high, you’ll want to be sure it has a fence.

Privacy – Fencing built on top of a retaining wall adds an extra layer of privacy to your backyard. It’ll reduce the noise from neighbouring homes and obstruct any views of your backyard.

Security – Retaining walls, often, lack the security of a fence because their primary purpose is to hold soil in place. A colorbond fence acts as a shield against intruders, giving you peace of mind.

Aesthetics – Fences are an attractive addition to any retaining wall and can be customised to accentuate your retaining wall and landscape. Besides colorbond fencing, you can choose from wood, vinyl, chain link, and more to cater to your current exterior design. For example, if your concrete retaining wall has a wooden finish, you can choose a wooden fence to match it.

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RWS Fence Installation for Retaining Walls


Do you need a stylish and durable fence for your retaining wall? If so, RWS can provide you with qualified and experiencing fence installers and fencing supplies for your fence. Our retaining wall fence supplies are designed to resist weather, wear, and tear; making them ideal for Australia’s harsher climate.

Plus, we’ve partnered with local fence painting professionals in Melbourne to ensure your new fence is not only durable but also visually stunning. The best part is that these painting services cost a fraction of what you would expect to pay. These fence painting experts have years of experience and are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure your fence looks as good as new.

Choosing the right type of fence for your retaining wall is key. Our fencing experts will consider your home’s architecture and landscape design, recommending a fence that complements your home’s style. And if you need help with the installation itself, our partnered contractors do the job quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today for expert advice and to learn more about our installers and our available concrete sleepers in Melbourne. Our retaining wall fences cater to the smallest to large-scale projects, customised to your taste, and come with a warranty for peace of mind. Our services are available in  BrisbaneGold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

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