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timber fence with steel posts

How and Why To Build A Timber Fence With Steel Posts

Fences do more than establish your boundary line and offer protection; they also accentuate your property’s exterior and enhance privacy. If you’re looking for a combination of durability and natural aesthetics, consider building a timber fence with steel posts.  Timber fences with steel posts blend aesthetic appeal and durability, offering the best of both worlds […]

blackwood sleeper retaining wall with steel posts

Steel Beam Application in Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are multi-functional, creating a barrier between two areas and providing extra support for soil or other materials. They’re also beautiful to look at, especially when other features like steps and seating are incorporated. If you’re thinking of installing a retaining wall, you’re going to need a strong support system in order to make […]

The Advantages of Using Steel Posts for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls come in various textures, materials, and shapes, making them a major focal point in any backyard. However, beyond their aesthetically pleasing appeal, they also serve to protect homes from flooding and soil erosion. After all, a retaining wall’s primary purpose is to withstand soil and retain the earth behind them, distinguishing them from […]

150 UC 23.4 Galvanised Steel H Beam (Fits 100mm)

The Difference Between Steel H Beams and I Beams

H-beams and I-beams are beams that are used in steel construction, due to their strength and durability. Whether it’d be homes, bridges, or skyscrapers, beams are a crucial part of their support structure. Each of these beam types has its own distinct qualities and uses. Due to their similarities, many inexperienced individuals mistake the two […]

building a retaining wall

How to Build a Sleeper Retaining Wall with Steel Posts in 8 Steps

Do you have DIY aspirations on building a sleeper retaining wall? Well, the good news is, you probably won’t need council approval or an engineering certificate if your retaining wall is under 1m in height. A retaining wall can instantly transform your landscape and add a unique aesthetic to your garden. Sleeper retaining walls restrain […]

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