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Different Sizes and Shapes of Concrete Sleepers

Depending on your engineering applications, concrete sleepers can come in various sizes and shapes. Some are custom-made, causing manufacturers to cut and shape them to your specifications. Others come in the standard size and shape, allowing for easy installation since they’re often modular in design.

Here are The Benefits of Concrete Sleepers.

Standard Concrete Sleepers

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Standard concrete sleepers are the components of your average retaining wall. They’re usually 1.2 metres to 3 metres in length and include the following widths: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and occasionally 150mm. Higher retaining walls require thicker and taller sleepers since they require additional reinforcement. 

Modular concrete sleepers have gained traction in recent years due to their ease of installation and low cost. Modular sleepers are pre-formed in sizes, allowing for easy assembly when building your retaining walls. Manufacturers must adhere to strict dimensions for modular sleepers, so there is no variation in their size or shape. 

Custom-Made Concrete Sleepers

It’s often the case where designers and homeowners will incorporate a garden bed, pavers or steps with their retaining wall due to their numerous benefits. To create a unified look and appearance, these additional features are also made of concrete. This requires custom-made sleepers to be cut and shaped for these specific applications.

Custom concrete sleepers can be moulded into various shapes, including L-shapes and U-shapes. Since concrete can be moulded in many shapes and sizes, custom-made sleepers are ideal for unique engineering applications such as garden terraces and steps, whether you want to DIY or hire a concrete contractor.

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High-quality Concrete Sleepers from RWS

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Need Sydney concrete sleepers and steel bars for your engineering projects? At RWS, we supply high-quality sleepers and bars made from reinforced concrete to help you build strong, durable retaining walls. Browse our website to find the right size and shape to suit your project needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements! Our services are also available in MelbourneBrisbaneGold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

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