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Looking for high-quality retaining wall supplies in Perth for your construction project? Retaining Wall Supplies offer a diverse range of materials and customised products to ensure yours runs smoothly from the get-go. From concrete sleepers with a smooth, charcoal finish to galvanised steel posts, RWS has you covered.

We can even help you find a reliable installer. We've partnered with Perth's most experienced and trusted retaining wall installers to construct your wall sooner, rather than later. If you lack the time, confidence or resources to install the wall yourself, let us handle it for you.

Contact us today and start planning your next retaining wall project with RWS.

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Retaining Wall Fence
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Featured Concrete Sleepers in Perth

Optimize your retaining wall with premium concrete sleepers in Perth. Choose from 40MPA, 50MPA & 60MPA strength options, certified for excellence. Avail trade discounts, reasonable rates, and a price match guarantee. All sizes readily available for speedy delivery.

Featured Steel Posts in Perth

Strengthen your retaining wall with high-quality galvanised steel posts in Perth. Choose from 100 Standard or 150 Heavy Duty series, with options for UC H Beam, PFC C Channel, 90 & 45 degree corner, and T Junction styles in lengths from 900mm to 6000mm. Steel posts can also be customised for an extra fee. Upgrade your wall with heavy-duty fence brackets for 100 & 150 posts for even greater stability. Get the best value for your retaining wall project now.

Featured Fencing Products

Want to construct a fence on your retaining wall? Our partnered installers can also install beautiful fences along with your retaining walls with fence brackets and concrete under fence plinths.

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Why Purchase Retaining Wall Supplies in Perth from RWS

Our concrete sleepers in Perth come in various finishes. Some have a textured look to mimic wood, while others are smooth and modern. We also provide a selection of colours, from natural grey to vibrant yellow to perfectly match your outdoor environment.

If you’re on the fence between buying suppliers from us or a competitor, consider this:

From classic concrete sleepers to durable hardwood sleepers, provide products that are equivalent in terms of quality and performance, but at much lower prices. Simply inform us of what they’re offering and we’ll offer a lower price. And this isn’t exclusive to concrete sleepers, but also for our retaining wall posts, which include C channel steel in 90 & 45 degrees and H steel channel posts.

Other benefits of purchasing your retaining wall supplies from us include:

  • Customised retaining wall solutions from our experts to enhance your landscape
  • Compliance with AS3600 standards
  • Fast delivery at an affordable cost
  • Expert installers who know the ins and outs of retaining wall construction
  • High-quality products that meet load-bearing requirements.

For the best price and quality on retaining wall supplies in Perth, contact RWS. We’ll gladly offer our input if you need guidance on your retaining wall construction project. Check out our site and call today!

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Hot Offers - Concrete Sleepers in Perth

Our concrete sleepers in Perth are quality-tested and come in a range of finishes. Whatever landscaping inspirations you have, we can help make it a reality. However, we also prioritise price, and will gladly provide a quote to match any competitors.

At RWS, we maintain low operating costs to ensure you get top bargains for your retaining wall supplies. While most concrete sleeper providers keep a facility to store their goods, our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers. This innovative approach lets us pass these savings directly to you – the customer.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve maintained strong ties with local suppliers. We have access to  the latest, most advanced retaining wall supplies in Perth, while ensuring you get special deals. And if you order in bulk, we’ll offer an even bigger discount.

So, for the best deals on retaining wall supplies in Perth, contact us today! 

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DIY Trade & Supplier and Installation in Perth

A retaining wall is only as good as the materials and installers used to build it. Our wide range of retaining wall supplies in Perth, in conjunction with our trusted installers, will ensure your wall lasts for decades.

Our retaining wall supplies in Perth can include anything from concrete sleepers with a rock finish, to blocks and pavers. Whatever your budget, we offer quality products at a reasonable price. All of our retaining wall supplies and products in Perth are built for maximum durability and strength.

Whether you need a retaining wall to accommodate creative landscaping elements or to build a retaining wall for erosion control, we can help. Check out our wide selection on our website and start your project today! Alternatively, our installers will provide an accurate work estimate.

Check out our full retaining wall installation guide for more information on our construction process.

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About us

Concrete sleepers and steel posts come in a wide range of thicknesses, textures, lengths and colours. So, we’ve partnered up with Perth’s very best manufacturers to ensure your retaining wall supplies are top-notch. They also comply with AS3600 standards, with all concrete sleepers being impact tested to meet load-bearing requirements.

Whether you’re a commercial or residential client, contact us today for a customised retaining wall solution. We supply all the necessary concrete and steel sleepers, including 40MPa and 50MPa options, to accommodate your engineering or design requirements. Galvanised steel widths range from 100UC for 80mm thick concrete sleepers and 150UC for 100mm thick concrete sleepers, ensuring you get maximum durability.

In addition to product strength, it’s important that you receive what you buy on time. We work in conjunction with various transport companies, who can deliver your retaining wall supplies near Perth, quickly and efficiently. They’re also fully equipped with the latest forklifts for easy unloading and delivery.

If you wish to hire a qualified retaining wall installer from RWS, call us today. We’ll provide a work estimate, and if agreed upon, will connect you with a professional installer. This may include extra costs for demolition, excavation, site access obstacles, permits and other related services.

No matter what your retaining wall construction project, we’ll answer all queries and offer sound advice. You’ll then be equipped to make the best choice for your retaining wall in Perth.

Recent Retaining Wall Projects

Check out some of the recent retaining wall projects, built with our products and builders.

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Frequently asked questions

Got any questions about your retaining wall project or order? We've got you covered.

We take pride in providing high-quality concrete sleepers in convenient, efficient pack sizes. To ensure the best value for our customers, our minimum order requirement is 10 standard concrete sleepers or 8 heavy-duty sleepers.

At RWS, we believe that our customers deserve the best value for their investment. That’s why we’ve worked hard to negotiate unbeatable prices for our customers in Victoria.

With our best price guarantee, you can be certain that you’re getting the best available price on your retaining wall supplies! No matter the size of your order, you can count on us to deliver top-quality sleepers at a price that’s fair and affordable.

We’re thrilled to offer multiple convenient options for you to receive your concrete sleepers. You can either choose to pick up from the manufacturer we placed your order with, or take advantage of our delivery services. Our two pick-up locations are:

11 Kitchen Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175
72 Officer South Rd, Officer VIC 3809
If you prefer delivery, we also have steel warehouses in:

Campbellfield 3061
Bayswater 3153
Hallam 3803
Cranbourne West 3977
Either way, you can expect the same high-quality products and friendly service.

We’re pleased to offer flexible and reliable delivery options to our customers in Melbourne and the surrounding regions. With a network of transport solutions at our disposal, we’re equipped to accommodate orders of any size and ensure prompt and efficient delivery to your doorstep. Whether you’re ordering a few sleepers or a large bulk shipment, you can count on us to handle your delivery needs with care and professionalism.

Certain sleepers are engineered to achieve a retaining wall height of up to 4.5m.

Yes, all our sleepers can be cut to size with a concrete saw.

We specialize in supplying high-quality concrete sleepers & steel for retaining wall construction for landscaping, fences and walls. Let us assist you by recommending experienced installers in your Melbourne for the best results.

Typically, walls under 1 metre in height don’t require engineering and council approval. Please refer to your local council for exact requirements.

If you cancel your order before RWS has paid the manufacturer and the transport company, we can arrange a full refund minus any credit card fees via a bank transfer within 5 business days

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality concrete products and steel. To ensure their safe transport and handling, we work closely with our manufacturers to follow strict standards. While this means we are unable to offer refunds, it also guarantees that you receive top-notch materials every time.

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We simplify the retaining wall construction process – reach out to us via phone, email, or the enquiry form for any questions about our retaining wall supplies, concrete sleepers, steel posts and fence plinths or anything else we can assist with!

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