Kensington Sleepers ACT -
Kensington Sleepers ACT
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Kensington Sleepers ACT

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Transform your Canberra landscape with the Kensington Concrete Sleepers, a perfect match for the city’s diverse climate. These premium charcoal sleepers, ranging from standard to extra heavy-duty, offer unparalleled strength with industry-leading 60MPa concrete and 2 x N10 reo steel bars reinforcement. Discover their ease of use and zero maintenance for a sophisticated, long-lasting retaining wall solution.


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Kensington Concrete Sleepers: The Pinnacle of Retaining Wall Elegance in Canberra

Sophisticated Design for Canberra Landscapes:

Our Kensington Concrete Sleepers are the epitome of elegance and durability, specially crafted to enhance the aesthetics and resilience of retaining walls in Canberra’s unique climate. With their charcoal color and Stackstone/Bookleaf pattern, they are an ideal choice for sophisticated and modern gardens.

Unmatched Strength and Quality:
Premium Concrete Quality: Manufactured with 60MPa concrete, significantly surpassing Australian standards.
Reinforced for Durability: Each sleeper is reinforced with 2 x N10 reo steel bars, ensuring unparalleled structural integrity.
Long-Term Reliability: Designed to resist termites, rot, and weathering, providing a maintenance-free, lasting solution for your landscape.

Product Range and Specifications:
Variety of Sizes: Available in multiple dimensions (2000mm x 200mm x 75mm to 2400mm x 200mm x 130mm) to cater to different project scales.
Suitable for Diverse Heights: Suitable for building walls up to 4 meters high, depending on the model.

Canberra Climate Adaptation:
Perfect for Canberra’s Environment: Specially designed to withstand the variations in Canberra’s weather, ensuring stability and longevity in local conditions.
Versatile Use: Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, enhancing the charm and functionality of any space.

Quality Assurance and Compliance:
50-Year Product Lifespan: Engineered to last, with a certification for a 50-year lifespan by a Structural Engineer.
20-Year Warranty: Confidence in strength and quality, backed by a 20-year warranty on specific sizes.

Ease of Installation and Use:
Simple Building Process: User-friendly design for easy installation, complementing the landscape with minimal effort.
Comprehensive Guide: Access to a detailed PDF Product Guide for all specifications and installation instructions.

Explore our range of Kensington Concrete Sleepers, tailored for the Canberra landscape, at Retaining Wall Supplies Canberra.

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2000x200x100, 2000x200x120, 2000x200x75, 2400x200x100, 2400x200x130, 2400x200x80


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